Wallpaper Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Hanging Wallpaper

Hanging wallpaper is a popular "Do-It-Yourself activity". Wallpaper offers the opportunity to express your unique style while providing perfect results and value for money.

In the following section, we offer a few easy hanging tips that will help you achieve your desired results.

Wall surface analysis

Firstly for optimal results make sure you wall is dry, firm, evenly absorbent, clean and smooth. If your paper is a light colour make sure you have a uniform background so that the colour of the surface does not show through.

If you have a rough surface smooth out with filler and then use lining paper, if required.

The right paste

Your paste is important. Only use branded adhesive when hanging, and follow the instructions provided. You can buy readymade heavy duty paste from Ryans with your wallpaper if required.

Steps of Hanging Wallpaper

  1. Place your first length at ceiling level allowing about 50mm of overlap onto ceiling for trimming at later stage. Use the wall corner or previously marked vertical line to guide your paper down the wall. Be careful not to let the paper drop suddenly as this could tear or stretch the paper.


  2. When you are happy your paper has been lined up correctly you can proceed to smooth down the paper taking out any air bubbles or wrinkles. For best results, start at centre of the paper and work your way out to the edge.


  3. When the paper is satisfactorily in place, press the excess paper into the angular space between both the wall and ceiling and wall and floor. You can then use a use a plastic spatula to cleanly cut surplus paper.


  4. Your second and subsequent lengths will need to be matched at eye level before repeating the above process.

  5. Finally, remember there are times when it can be easier to paste the wall rather than the paper. Check the papers instructions or ask a member of staff for details about your particular paper.